The Stripe Company
Parking lot striping and painting
What We Do
We paint the lines, fire lanes, and markings in parking lots and garages.  In addition we also install signs, wheel stops, seal expansion joints
Our Experience
The Stripe Company was created in 2008.  Since then we have painted for customers mostly in Harris and Montgomery Counties

We often assist our customers on planning updates and layouts

Our Customer
Our customers are store fronts with just and few lines, to larger property owners with  hundreds of parking spaces. 
Many of our customers need their fire lanes repainted in order to comply with fire code.
Painting Your Lot
Each job is important to our customer and to us.  It is important that the completed job looks good and and meets codes and regluations.  Most of our works is the repainting of existing lines, but often additional lines are needed, crosswalks, fire lanes, or ADA spots are added.  Often we do new layouts or parking lots, following the builders plans and drawings.
We can work to fit your schedule.  A lot of jobs are done on weekends, evenings and nights when there is no traffic & interruption to your business.
Our Services Include
  • lines, new and restripe of existing
  • signs, arrows, stencils
  • fire lanes
  • wheelstops
  • expansion joint filling
  • chain link fences and gates
Calls us: 713 231 3436

Email us:

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